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On the Journey to solve adherence and help patients respond better to doctors' care

We partner with Hospitals, Doctors, Caregivers. And foremost, with Patients.

Onward Health was born out of a personal experience observing a close family member go through their post-discharge rehab after a surgery. Surgery was done at one of the leading hospitals. Surgeon had been equally diligent about communicating the after-care instructions to me. But still the importance of following the discharge instructions combined with the patient’s anxiety and uncertainty in a postop situation led us to create a user-friendly platform which helps patients improve their adherence. For caregivers as well, we could see the power of liberating such discharge instruction and making it accessible.

Onward Health software helps PostOp patients follow their discharge instructions per Doctor’s advice.

Onward believes that we are a combination of the things we do and the way we take care of ourselves…

Onward Health is based out of T-Hub and CIE in Hyderabad, India.

We work with some of largest hospitals in India, partnering to deliver better adherence, and hence health outcomes.

Onward Health is an award winning platform focused on helping patients and doctors to deliver better health outcomes

Our leading edge patient care technology platform has been recognised by leading organisations globally. A brief list is mentioned below.

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  • Winner, “Best Patient Experience” at Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 in Malaysia, October 2017
  • Healthcare Challenge Winner at BioAsia 2017 in Hyderabad, February 2017
  • Top 24 Startups at “Pulse the Venture” TV series by Network 18, October 2017
  • Asian Finalist (Top 6) in Grants4Apps Singapore chosen by Bayer Health, May 2017
  • Top 30 Startup Ideas 2017 chosen by Amrita TBI, February 2017




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